Graphic launches mobile app

An updated look for The Atkinson Graphic website,, was launched last week, bringing a new style and increased functionality to the paper’s online presence and adding a new feature, a distinct mobile app for use on all mobile devices.
“It was past-due time for an upgrade,” said Publisher Brook D. Curtiss, “The Atkinson Graphic’s website had served its purpose in the past, but it was time to jump forward again with new technology and begin a mobile effort so that readers can take the news with them wherever they go.”
“My goal has always been for the websites to be ‘clean and simple’ to use. It isn’t necessarily flashy, and that’s on purpose to make it more functional, informational and useful. The sites are not bogged down with unorganized stories or flooded with advertising,” said Curtiss. “We will be making available some opportunities for our local businesses to partner with us, but the main focus will always be the delivery of news to our readers.”
The Graphic will continue to offer electronic E-Editions, in addition to mailed paper copies, and will now have the functionality of mobile viewing as well in a much better way than before.

To read the complete article get your copy of The Atkinson Graphic's July 23, 2020 issue.