New website, mobile app launches for Journal

Sidebar for e-editions

With the new website, there has also come a new E-Edition login, but the same access to the current week as long as all prior weeks of the Crofton Journal.

E-Edition readers should click the “Menu” button in the upper right side of the website, or on the mobile app, and then click the “E-Edition” button, and put in their regular login information.

Any questions should be directed to the office.

App needs customized

The new mobile app for Crofton Journal because of digital legal regulations (and convenience for the owners) contains a main app where an individual newspaper has to be chosen to “set” the app to the community of interest.

The app is available on the Apple iOS and Android (Google Play) store – and can be found by searching the Curtiss’s Limited Liability Company (LLC) business name – “Paper and Ink Nebraska” will bring up the app for download. (see nearby picture for app design).

Once downloaded, readers only need to click the “building icon” in the top right of the app, and choose the newspaper they want to follow, read and have access to. The app has all the functionality of the full website, allowing users to see the events calendar, business directory, login to the E-Editions, or view the social media posts.

The paper chosen will be selected until the app is completely closed, and then users will have to select it again once the app is opened.

Any questions should be directed to the office.

An updated look for the Crofton Journal website,, was launched last week, bringing a new style and increased functionality to the paper’s online presence and adding a new feature, a distinct mobile app for use on all mobile devices.

“It was past-due time for an upgrade,” said Publisher Brook D. Curtiss, “The Journal website had served its purpose in the past, but it was time to jump forward again with new technology and begin a mobile effort so that readers can take the news with them wherever they go.”

“My goal has always been for the websites to be ‘clean and simple’ to use. It isn’t necessarily flashy, and that’s on purpose to make it more functional, informational and useful. The sites are not bogged down with unorganized stories or flooded with advertising,” said Curtiss. “We will be making available some opportunities for our local businesses to partner with us, but the main focus will always be the delivery of news to our readers.”

The Journal will continue to offer electronic E-Editions, in addition to mailed paper copies, and will now have the functionality of mobile viewing as well in a much better way than before.

To match the new website and mobile app, the Journal will also be utilizing social media even more than before. Followers on Facebook, fellow tweeters on Twitter, viewers on YouTube and perhaps other social media in the future have all been linked to the sites as well.

“In our ‘informational age’ there is a need for clear and distinct delivery of news people want to receive,” said Curtiss “with the mobile app, the website itself and now direct social media integration – readers will be able to get the most up-to-date news at any time, watch video and recordings online (when available), and then get the full accounting in the paper each week.”

In addition to the news, social and video being produced, readers will also have access to an online business directory that can be accessed online via the website or carried mobile as well that includes business names, phone numbers and instant contact options.

The event calendar will continue to be a large part of the Journal’s offerings to the community. Any and all readers or not are welcome to submit their community events for publication in the Crofton Journal as well as in the event calendar online.

“Since the Crofton Journal is part of our ownership group,” said Curtiss “users of the mobile app and website will not only have access to the released news, social media and other website and mobile functions of their own community, but also of any of those other communities in our group.”

“Local news, however, will always be the focus of our individual papers,” said Curtiss “but readers and online users can now choose to visit those others sites in a seamless manner if they want. If visiting another town, simply switch the app or website to that community’s newspaper, and view the calendar, business directory or news in that community.”

Readers will also now, much easier than before, submit news, calendar events or classified or display ads directly through a form on the website and mobile app as well.

“There will be some hiccups,” said Curtiss, “as with any new product, but our phones are always on, email always works and office visits are encouraged to help users with the new website and app. We’re hoping that by leading our communities into a more integrated news-community that the Crofton Journal can continue to be its community’s hub for reliable, accountable and now immediate news delivery.”

The mobile app is completely free and can be downloaded on the Apple or Google Play stores through any mobile device with the instructions near this story.